this page consists of quotes, probably by me.

|| Q U O T E S ||

"love is powerful, confusing, and beautiful, but if it's in the wrong hands it's fucking deadly as the devil himself." - me (2020)

"it's better off to leave something in the past and not dwell over it. there is no going back, only forward. to make a better future for ourselves we must make a positive change now." - me (2020)

"let it be, let go and forgive." - me (2020)

"there is no room in my heart and soul for pure hatred and wrath. I may get angry, upset, sad, impatient and have all other negative emotions like everyone else, but that is because we all run off of human minds with all the same emotion." - me (2020)

"love is just an endless cycle of untrusting others and hurt in the end" - me (2020)

"never forget the good or bad, cherish each moment and live like it will be your last" - me (2020)

"accepting who i was, acknowledging who i am now" - me (2020)

"life is bizarre, it slaps something in your face without warning and it expects you to move on, because time moves on, because that's all it ever does. and it can be absolute agony." - me (2020)

"never rush your dreams." - me (2020)

"life is so beautiful and delicate and it's such a shame we cannot stay in the moment with it sometimes." - me (2020)

"is anyone in this world truly original?" - me (2020)

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