about me!

hello everyone!

I still do not have a name to protect my identity, so for now I will be going by X. on guest books, you will see me as "gateway." most of the time.

the purpose of my site is to vent, blog, share ideas, whatever. I started this site because I got extremely bored during quarantine.

I will not be giving out my age. to give you an idea, as of writing this, I am in 10th grade in high school now.

I like to draw, animate, and write. I like the dark side of life. I am lowkey into true crime.

I love nature. plants, trees, animals.. love it all.

gender: accident sent from hell

pronouns: he/they/mother fucker

relationship status: fuck off 💔

location: HELL

I am fairly introverted. I always have been since I was young. I really don't know why.

the music I listen to consists of Crystal Castles and Mr.Kitty. I enjoy witch house/dark synth and a bit of rock/pop punk/90s and 2000s music in general.

I don't have one favorite food. though I enjoy chocolate.

if you can't tell already, writing has always helped me. so I write a lot.

my favorite animal to draw is the wolf.

I like creating new hybrids of animals to see what weird shit I come up with.

school sucks. don't like it, never will, it's a pain in the ass. gives me a hard time on my mental health.

don't interact with me if you're homophobic, transphobic, and generally disrespectful. this will be added onto later.

if you dont respect me then I wont respect you. it's simple.

so that's it for now, I will add more, thanks for coming by!

BY THE WAY HERE IS MY NEW WEBSITE: https://emptygod.neocities.org/

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